Andy Porta has grown up around music his whole life. With a family history of singers, pianists and music lovers, it was no doubt that Andy would soon begin creating. He believes it all began at a garage sale across the street from his house with a worn out drum set and a beat up ride cymbal. He instantly fell in love and thus began his infatuation with music and art.

Growing up Andy fiddled around with cassette recorders, Casio keyboards, drums and was introduced to the baritone horn in public school. Really any instrument he could get his hands on was fair game. His interest in drums soon led him to join bands around the neighborhood where he would improvise with friends and write songs together. His father, Ron Porta, a talented bass player and recording enthusiast gave him two microphones and a digital video tape to record in his first multi-track recording session. From there, recording began his passion along with the drums. He's been recording music and playing drums ever since.

Present day, you can find Andy involved in the Portland,ME/ Westchester, NY music and arts community. His band, Wess Meets West has been featured on Audiotree Live in Chicago, ESPN's "X- Games", and commercials for major brands such as "Wrangler". He also currently writes and records with "Zeme Libre" out of Portland, ME, "Greenridge" out of Westchester, NY and as a solo singer/songwriter. After graduating from Mercy college's Music Technology program Magna Cum Laude, Andy has shared stages with bands such as Caspian, The Apple Seed Cast, The Misfits, Dead To Me, and This Town Needs Guns. His talents have led him to work with names like Blue Oyster Cult, Steve Margoshes (known for his contributions to Meatloaf's "Bat Out Of Hell"), jazz guitarist Glenn Alexander, toy pianist Margaret Len Teng, and composer Daniel Freiberg. Andy is an artist for Era Drum Company out of Oxnard, California.

Andy strives to find himself engulfed in the recording studio, behind a drum set, running live sound and songwriting. He's recorded/produced and played on genre's ranging from metal to funk to reggae and is always seeking the next project that will expand his ever growing musicality. He is not afraid to "get weird" in the studio, try something new and will work tirelessly to make sure that your music and vision is never compromised. Andy takes pride in listening, has extreme patience and relies heavily on collaboration to make sure the best outcome is achieved. 

Andy currently works out of Maine Music Mill as an audio engineer and as a freelance mix engineer/producer.