Bezoar wails and hails from Brooklyn, New York. This power trio has been on the stoner, psychedelic doom metal scene since 2007 but is more majestic, massive and cerebral than any mere genre tag. Tyler Villard previously played with Ruksac, a Boston hard core band, and Sara Palmquist played with tripped out noise band Isle of Citadel. When these bands disbanded Bezoar was formed out of Sara and Tyler’s desire to continue making heavy weird and boundary defying music. They eventually became a power trio with Sara on vocals and bass, Tyler on guitar, and Jesse Smith on drums. With influences ranging from Sleep, YOB, 1349, Diamanda Galas, Swans, Mayhem, Electric Wizard, Eyehategod, Slayer, and Darkthrone among many others, Bezoar are not out to color within the lines. After Jesse left the band for personal reasons Bezoar was on a notorious drummer search which ended when skin pounder Justin Sherrell (who also plays in the band Wizardry) joined up. After signing to No World Order Records in 2010 the band released a 7 inch and fans can expect a beastly full length debut in Spring/Summer 2011. Combining organized chaos and sweaty organic riffing with mystic purpose, Bezoar is a no nonsense hardworking band who at times have lived on their school bus to support the music they love. They have shared the stage and held their own alongside bands like Harvey Milk, Bison B.C., Jarboe, Saviours, Natur, Total Social Suicide, Sightings, Kurt Vile and other renowned artists and show no sign of slowing down. Like a torch blowing on the faces of all that is candy stripes and happy garage rock, Bezoar powers through the new disco era with a true vision of the ages. Sick, guttural, beautiful,engaging, raw, powerful, original, and twisted, Bezoar look forward to a long life of putting out records.



"Bezoar EP"

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