I believe there is a sacred contract between creator and audience. I believe we all enter into this contract willingly, if not intentionally, when we listen to or otherwise absorb a piece of art. This contract is basic in scope. It merely states that you (the audience member) agree to be present while the creator delivers his or her thoughts, vision, or concept to you. The creator is not allowed to demand praise, analysis, or even attention beyond that which is given through simple presence. All the creator can do is ask for more, and the principal vehicle for these requests is the work itself. Does art move you? I mean, really, truly, does it change the way you view the universe? I believe, more than I've ever believed anything the the world, that art can do these things, and that, on a regular basis, it does. So I guess, if I were to take this whole thing to its logical conclusion, that I believe I can change the way you think about life. I write songs for people who want to move and be moved.




  • Recorded
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